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When it comes to managing your debtors Brodie Credit Control Solutions is here to help

We provide a broad range of services to help you get your debtors under control. This range of services include:

1. Consulting with you on trade terms, processes and debt collection methodologies

The best way to keep your cashflow under control is at the  beginning of the sales process  (ie before you provide goods and services and extend credit to a customer). This means making sure you have clear trade terms that are enforceable. If worded correctly it will also mean that you will be able to recover your debt collection costs from the debtor.

Carefully worded trade terms also mean that resolving disputes will be easier, making it less costly and time consuming to collect debts. We can also review your debt collection methodologies and processes to ensure that they are streamlined, effective and make it easy for debtors to pay their debts on time.


2. Help improve cash flow through effective debtor management

If you are constantly chasing up late paying debtors it can be hard to find the time to review your debtor management system and improve your cash flow. It is more about ‘putting out fires’ and getting debtors to pay so you can pay your suppliers and staff.

That’s where Brodie Credit Control Solutions “BCCS” can help. We will review your debtor management system objectively and provide recommendations that will both reduce disputes with your debtors and the amount of overdue accounts. It will also reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with poor debtor management.

Bear in mind that a bad debt is costing you more than you think. If you’re running at a profit margin of 10% and you don’t get paid for $10,000 due, that’s $100,000 in earnings you have to make up to recover your shortfall.


3. Provide commercial credit template forms and trade account template forms.

Brodie Credit Control Solutions specialises in providing commercial credit template forms and trade account template forms tailored for your business.   Simply provide us with your logo and business name and relevant detail and we will fill in the spaces and you can simply ask your perspective customers to complete this form.

Find out more about our credit template forms and how they can help your business manage debtor risk better.

Making  sure you understand the information contained in a credit report is essential. Missing small but vital details could cost your business. That’s where BCCS steps in with over 20 years experience to interpret the information obtained and provide a recommendation on how best to proceed. Offering a Trade Account is effectively extending a loan – diligence is critical.


4. Assess the risk of doing business with new trade customers

Once your new trade customers complete a credit application form we can use this information and provide you with a Debtor Risk Assessment check.

Our report provides information on the following:

  • Company and /or Business Name Search
  • Land Titles Search to establish director ownership
  • List of potential risks (where applicable) eg:
    • whether there are any charges over the assets of the company
    • whether the residential property listed is actually owned by the director
    • how recent is the date of registration
    • if there is parent/holding company behind the applicant
  • Review of template forms to ensure they have been completed & signed correctly
  • Rating the risk category of the application to enable you to determine a suitable credit limit


Let us take care of all you debtor management issues so you can get on with building your business with peace of mind – knowing you have done what you can to minimise risk to your own company.


Why take the risk of not knowing to whom you are extending credit?

Our philosophy is to help our clients save time, stress and legal fees by taking prudent measures to help reduce the likelihood of bad debts in the first place. We do this by working with you to set up a simple and efficient credit application system to reduce the chances of receiving nasty surprises down the track. We then undertake a check of the information provided to give you a level of confidence to engage in business or make further enquiries. It’s your business – why risk it?

 What’s the catch?

We’re completely upfront about our costs and what you receive for your investment. There’s a fee you pay us to assess the risk of you doing business with your customer.. You pay a small amount to protect yourself from a potential bigger risk of loss. What price do you place on that?

If you’d like to obtain your Commercial Credit Account Application and Agreement, please contact us at: or call us on 1300 276 343

If you need us, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Just let us know how we can help you.

Example Scenario

  • A REAL LIFE STORY: A small business was owed tens of thousands of dollars by a regular customer who had just been placed into receivership. It was subsequently discovered that their customer was in fact owned by a parent company with the same directors. The customer’s business showed no real assets, and the liabilities were in excess of $900,000. Because all the equipment and capital investments were owned by the parent company, the debt could not be recovered. THE LESSON LEARNED: When deciding whether to offer credit to the customer, a professional Credit Application Report would have supplied the information required to make an informed decision about the possible risks.